Garage Courtesy: What’s That?

Garage Courtesy: What’s That?

By Sydney Roll

One of the biggest questions that elude all of us Seton girls is: why doesn’t the bell ring at 2:34 exactly?

What’s the point of those wasted 35+ seconds? We already get out at such a random time….. The pure torture felt when your M bell teacher commands, “Wait until the bell rings!” is similar to the pain felt while getting your eyebrows waxed. How can a teacher deny the carnivorous pack of girls salivating at the door for a chance to gain a lead in the ruthless fight of exiting the garage before the masses clog it up like arteries in a cholesterol-ridden heart? We all know that if we don’t make it out fast enough, we’ll be waiting for eons to make it out alive.

Mr. Waller may have his watchful eye trained on rowdy Elder parents picking up their little Panthers fresh from school, but that does little to help the flow of traffic.

Garage courtesy is almost non-existent, ladies! Some examples of these lack-luster scenarios include fake-texting to avoid eye contact, fake-jamming to emit an air of oblivion, and just being plain rude to the girls inching annoyingly out of their ill-placed spots. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there were two usable exits? Also, those dang Elder guys; they just take up too much space!

It takes an extra 20 seconds to let someone out in the garage; I get it, everyone has to be everywhere at the same time, but that doesn’t excuse rudeness. I’ll admit, some days I have to rush out of the garage in order to pick my sisters up from their grade school, but I still manage to let out at least two people as I go. There is an unspoken rule: people coming from the top levels HAVE to let at least ONE car out of the bottom level as they’re exiting the garage.

“For me, it depends on when I get out there and who’s driving. Typically, people won’t let me out of my spot, but the upper level parkers will let me out because of that unspoken rule. Awkward eye contact helps to guilt people into letting me out,” says senior Nicole Behler.

I decree that we should lobby (thanks, Mr. Pharo!) for a week of specialized dismissal, or at least another exit.

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