Lenten Series 2013

Lenten Series 2013

By Quinn Scheiner

Lenten Series 2013 2

Each year,  Seton takes part in the Lenten season through a number of school-wide events, together known as the Lenten Series.  The agenda for 2013 included a list of various activities, each of which helped bring the Seton community together for reflection and growth.

Campus minister Jan Linz explains that the goal is for Seton to “stop, think, pray, and reflect” – four actions introduced by former principal Susie Gibbons as a way to fulfill the goal of drawing closer to God.  By giving the school community such opportunities, Linz explains, “people are able to consider what it is that may need changing in their lives, and what can be done to make improvements.”

The order of activities has evolved over time, from having Tony Melendez to creating a living rosary.  This year, Seton hosted several different speakers.  Maribeth Samoya, who has been affected by organ donation, shared her personal story.  One of Elder’s staff, Sean Tierney, and representatives from LifeCenter, an organization promoting organ donation, also spoke.

Samoya remarks that “having a family member be an organ donor made it important for me to get the message out… I think it’ a very spiritual decision.”

Sarah Panzau was another speaker this year who spoke about drunk driving and body image.  Left with only one arm after a car crash, she provided much advice addressing confidence and self-worth, saying that she knows to “shine from the inside.  The inside is where true beauty comes from.”

Seton included other activities in its Lenten Series this year, like an Ash Wednesday mass, a film featuring the Sisters of Charity in New Orleans, and a regious in-service day for the staff.

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