Dance Team Goes Big at Nationals


By Ali Moehring




The Seton varsity Highlighters competed in the National Dance Team Championships in Orlando, Florida where they placed third in pom and thirteenth in jazz.

On the weekend of February 2-3, the dance team traveled to Orlando eager and anxious to perform. Senior Ashley Doyle explained, “Usually at this time of the year the feeling that begins to set in is more nervousness than anything, but this year it was different. We were very anxious to get out on the floor knowing that we were more prepared than we have ever been before.”

The team had set a season goal of placing in the top five in pom and they certainly exceeded that.  Senior Jessica Dattilo added, “As a team we reached and surpassed our goals by placing third in the nation. Personally, I reached the goals I set for myself and could not be happier to end my senior year as we did. Nationals are so much fun because I get to spend time with the girls that I love. Nationals is the day we get to go out on the floor and show the judges what we love to do and show everything that we have worked at all year long.”

The girls also competed in the Oak Hills Invitational where they placed first in both pom and jazz along with High Point and Grand Champion. Their last performance of the season was at Celebrate Seton, in front of a very large crowd. Celebrate Seton also senior appreciation day in which seniors and their parents were honored.

“As sad as I am to say goodbye to all the girls and family I have made over the past four years, I am living with no regrets for dancing on this team. This has easily made my high school career what it was and taught me many things. Most importantly I learned what hard work can do and gained many sisters that I can hold on to for the rest of my life,” commented Doyle. ­­­­

Although the season ended, some seniors continue to pursue their dancing careers and dreams. On the weekend of March 15, Dattilo journeyed to Memphis where she tried out for “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Senior Kat Gay continues her dance legacy by starting her own mentally handicapped dance team where she taught kids how to dance and then prepared them to perform. Doyle carries on by teaching young children how to dance and also is a technique instructor for Oak Hills Minis.

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