Generations of Performance

Generations of Performance

By Kelsey Groll

The Seton-Elder Performing Arts Series represents a long line of tradition.

With the spring production, The King and I happening this weekend, the cast is very excited. This is the fourth time the series has put on this show since the program’s founding in 1969. The production will take place on April 19, 20, and 21at 8:00 PM on Friday and Saturday and 3:00 PM Sunday in the Seton auditorium.

It is a very popular show for the whole family to enjoy and stars senior Lindsey Mullen as Anna Leonowens and junior Holden Kelley as the King. Mullen says, “The King and I is a really unique show because all of the characters are from different parts of the world and all of the actors must learn to speak with accents.” This show is particularly special to the seniors in the cast because it is their last chance to perform together in a Seton-Elder production. Senior Mary Moore comments, “I’ve been involved in the Performing Arts Series since I was a freshman and it’s a bittersweet feeling, to say the least, that this will be my last show.”

Much credit goes to Mr. Allen, Elder High School music director, for the survival of this series. He has been a part of it since its very beginning. Another person who plays a major role in the Series is Seton’s very own music director, Mrs. Samoya. She first participated in the series in a show in 1978 and has since been progressing her career to be responsible for the behinds-the-scenes work as a career to make this all possible.

Senior Lindsey Ackerman says, “I have LOVED every minute of working with Mr. Allen and Mrs. Samoya in the past four years. Without directors like them, the Seton-Elder Performing Arts Series would not be what it is today, much less exist.”

Along with these talented directors, many Seton and Elder alumni have been very successful as performers. Luckily, they take time to visit and help with our productions.  Catherine Moore, Marilyn Huelsman, and Robert Dusold have recently been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Moore is a teacher at Carnegie Mellon, a prestigious art school in Pittsburg. Both Huelsman and Dusold have performed on Broadway and come back to Seton for alumni night which takes place each year to showcase the talented graduates of the Seton-Elder Performing Arts Series.

The series has about nine shows including Christmas concerts, Alumni Night, and musicals. This program is so unique because it is the only show in Cincinnati that is limited to just Seton and Elder. Also, fans have the opportunity to subscribe and this includes tickets for all shows throughout the year. This performing arts series is self-funded and a state of the art program.

The students who are currently part of this program experience many various benefits. It gives them the opportunity to perform for large groups of people and showcase their love and talent for performing. Senior Shelby Ashcraft states, “I like performing here because it has given me so many opportunities to perform in many different shows and it has also allowed me to create lifelong friendships.”

For many, this is the end of their performing career but they have loved the experience.

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