Live the Fourth

Live the Fourth

By Lexi Neltner


neltnera Live the Fourth


I can honestly say that when the time came for me to go on my April Kairos, I was extremely nervous. I have never been one  who enjoyed sharing my feelings and I figured that this was just another one of those retreats where you cry and share and then cry again. But it was much more than I expected.  There were many activities that helped me reflect on my life and relationships.

I also had the chance to reconnect with old friends and make new friends with people I never thought I would ever get to know. For those of you who have gone on Kairos, you know that there is an indescribable sense of unity and sisterhood that is built on retreat. While this experience is absolutely a one in a million opportunity, living out what you have gained from Kairos is the hardest part.  My best advice to you is DON’T JUDGE KAIROS UNTIL AFTER KAIROS! Be open to the process and get excited about Kairos (for those who haven’t experienced it yet). However, if you’ve already been: (holler at my fellow Kai sisters!) remember to live the fourth.

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