Spotlight on Mary Grace Moore

Spotlight on Mary Grace Moore

By Stephanie Myers


Last week, senior Mary Grace Moore, with the accompany of Mrs. Hollenbach, attended Mount Saint Joseph’s Legacy of Learning and Teaching as a part of her Senior Project, which centers around writing and performing at poetry slams. “I chose to do this for my project because I wanted to improve my skills as a writer. I also thought my public speaking skills could use an upgrade. Therefore, the hybrid of these two ideas led to my Senior Project topic,” explains Moore.

Moore has had an interest in poetry previously, but it wasn’t until about a year ago when that interest grew into a passion.  “I stumbled upon poets on YouTube, including Andrea Gibson and Rudy Francisco. It was a lovely accident.”

During this celebration for young poets and their writing, Moore recited “Lungs,” a poem about a person with a crippling disorder, in front of other high school students and professors. “This was a simply fantastic experience despite the fact that I was a basket case prior to sharing my poem,” Moore answers, when questioned about her reaction to attending this spectacular event.

Moore’s next goal is to host an open mic session at a local coffee house.  As of now, she has been in contact with the managers at Corner Bloc and Refuge.  “It would be fantastic if at least five students can share their poems at the event,” states Moore, “And I of course plan to keep writing, most importantly.”

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