Jason Owens Who?

Jason Owens Who?

By Ali Moehring


Upcoming country singer, 17 year old Jason Owens, performed on stage at Seton on Friday, April, 26.

Jason was born and raised in Union, Kentucky He picked up a guitar at the age of ten after hearing Brad Paisley sing on the radio which then inspired him to pursue his career.  Owens explained, “Playing the guitar was one thing that really clicked for me.”

He soon entered an air guitar contest where he played a Brad Paisley song. A music company uploaded the video to YouTube and too much surprise, Brad Paisley himself got hold of it. Paisley went on to tweet about it and wrote to Owens, “You nailed it!” “Brad Paisley is my inspiration and my role model and has been since I started,” states Owens.

Owens plays as a solo artist as well as the lead guitarist in his band, Jestset Getset, which includes five musicians and three vocalists. The band stays busy performing at many gigs. “Our band has recently signed a record deal with Playback Records and our single ‘Saturday Night’ will be released this fall in England,” exclaims Owens.

When the band was introduced to students the week before the performance, students were in confusion because they had never heard of him before. Soon into the performance, however, students began to sing along to the laid back style of the young singer.  “I was not sure about him at first but I enjoyed singing along to the cover songs he played and I ended up really liking his style,” explains senior Emily Gramke.

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