Kelsey Groll: Senior Reflection

Senior Reflection

By Kelsey Groll


Senior year is filled with many “lasts” and a rollercoaster of emotions about college. The journey of the Senior Project seemed like such a long one at the beginning but as it comes to close it really starts to sink in that high school is also coming to a close.

Though I am scared to leave this comfort of Seton I really think I am ready to go. I find myself becoming bored at school which is only normal and means I really am ready for the next step. High school is an important time of development and growth and though from pictures it just looks like I’ve grown up and look older, the change inside of me is so much more.

The past four years have flown by, but especially senior year. When looking back on all the memories of high school a few things stand out such as dances, retreats, friends, and soccer. The things that don’t stand out and are hard to remember are times when I didn’t do as well in a class as I would have liked or drama with girls at school. The most significant lesson I can take away from high school is discovering what truly matters.

The friendships and lifelong lessons I have learned through high school didn’t usually happen in the classroom but often with experience. I cannot be more grateful for the opportunities in service Seton has provided me with. Community service has become a very important aspect of my life that I honestly can say would not be without Seton’s help.

The lessons I have learned in athletics will always be remembered as well. I learned what it means to really be a team and to never give up. My coaches have been some of the best role models in my life and some of my best friends I have met through soccer. There were many disappointments and losses through the hard work of my team we won districts this year making all the long, sweaty practices and conditionings worth it.

Friendship is the single most important thing I will take with me from high school. The community here at Seton is something you can’t find many other places. Some of the best memories are school events because everywhere you turn there are people you know saying hi. I can’t say I will remember every little memory with friends but overall I will remember having good times with the Class of 2013.



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