Strikeout for Cancer

Strikeout for Cancer

By Sydney Loebker

On Tuesday, May 14, Seton’s softball team played Mercy in the Strikeout for Cancer game.  The game was held at Mount St. Joseph softball field on River Road.  The Pink Ribbon Girls foundation started the game to help raise money to support their foundation.  That money then goes towards cancer research and other cancer related events.  The game allows the students to have some fun while leaving behind the negativity of cancer and put some positivity toward a good cause.  Junior Cayla Schmitt, and manager of Seton’s team, says, “Knowing that we get to play our favorite sport for a good cause makes it ten times better.  The teams dressed in bright pink socks and cancer t-shirts to honor anyone who has, or is still continuing, to battle cancer.  Almost everyone knows someone who is, or was, battling cancer in their life; so, it’s good to see that so many people went out to support it.  Schmitt states, “Some of my own family members have been affected by cancer, so this game means a lot to me.” So many of us can relate to this situation and it was a wonderful way to support such a great cause.  In the end, Seton ended with a win against Mercy, and a win against battling cancer.


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