All School Read

All School Read

By Molly Brauch

molly brauch

Welcome back, students! Did you enjoy your summer? More importantly, did you enjoy your summer reading? In case you had forgotten, students had to read two of three books this summer: Icy Sparks, Out of My Mind, or Still Alice. All three books deal on rather uncomfortable subjects. Icy Sparks, written by Gwyn Hyman Rubio, details the life of a girl with Tourette syndrome in 1950’s rural Kentucky. Lisa Genova’s Still Alice follows a fifty-year-old Harvard professor who has no choice but to dive into the world of Alzheimer’s disease. Out of My Mind, by Cincinnati author Sharon M. Draper, follows an eleven-year-old girl’s fight with cerebral palsy and her journey to having a voice of her own. All three books pertain to certain disabilities, and as a conclusion project each student had to prepare a presentation about the disability of her choice. From depression to schizophrenia to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so far these presentations have given insightful glances into the world of disabilities.  “Even though people have disabilities, I’ve learned that everyone has inward and outward struggles,” says senior Rachel Richter. “I have a better understanding of how these people cope with themselves and how hard their lives can be.”

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