Community Service Day

Community Service Day

By Katie Lehan

Peaslee 3 katie lehan

On Friday, August 23rd, Seton students, staff and parent chaperones put their working gloves on for a day of service.  To go along with the all school reads, the volunteer all 500+ of them went around the community visiting a large number of organizations.  The service that these organizations required ranged from tasks as basic as putting together bags at Fernside, a place where children go to grieve the loss of a loved one, to literally (no pun intended) getting down and dirty cleaning up garbage on the sidewalks of Price Hill.  Other organizations helped by Seton included Bake Me Home, Earth Connection, Epilepsy Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and Visions and Voices. When asked about her service experience, senior Rachel Hobbs explains, “Although picking up trash in Price Hill isn’t how I always like to spend my time, it felt good to help out our community and make a difference.  Everyone had positive attitudes and made the day a lot of fun”.  Freshman Kristen Lehan agreed with Hobss, saying, “Even though doing service isn’t always ideal, it’s all about your attitude.  What you get out of it is really what you put into it.  If everyone goes into the service being positive, the outcome is a lot better than if the group goes in with negative thoughts.”  The benefactors of the service were nothing short of extremely grateful, repeatedly expressing how thankful they were for the help Seton was giving them, even if it was for only a few hours.  Kathy Smith, Executive Director of Kenzie’s Closet, and a Seton alum, took an extra step and emailed one of the staff members saying, “Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to meet you and these lovely young women!”

The other half of the day was spent doing activities in which the students shared their service experiences, asked questions, and had to act as if they had some sort of physical and social handicap.  Examples differed from not being able to sit still for more than five minutes at a time and being a compulsive question asker, to having to lie on the floor when thinking and having a strong form of OCD.  When asked what she thought of the activities, Junior Leigha Kraemer, explained, “The activities proved to hinder our discussion at first, but we eventually learned to cope with our handicap.  This helped us see what life is like for those who do suffer from disabilities and we realized that people with disabilities deserve to be treated like everyone else.  It was a great way to finish the day.”  It’s safe to say the day of service was an overall success and the students and staff from Seton got a deeper insight and better understanding of the people we so easily underestimate.

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