Green Week!

Green Week!

By Taylor Morano



Each year, Seton students participate in Green week! Green week begins next Tuesday, September 3rd. Get ready for a week filled with crazy outfits, bright colors, and exciting activities Each day of green week, there is a different theme.  On Tuesday, students and staff can support their favorite team.  It is jersey day.

On Wednesday dig out the hair ties and ribbons, because it is crazy hair and pajama day.

Thursday is throwback day, this means dig in to mom´s closet or go thrift shopping to find an outfit from the 60´s, 70´s, 80´s or 90´s

Friday is when students go ALL OUT GREEN!

Be sure to wear green-colored anything and everything! The most exciting part of green week  is the Garage Get Down which is coming up on September 7th. Each grade has a different theme:

Freshman will be wearing the jungle theme.

Sophomores will be America themed.

Juniors will be thrift shop,

and seniors will have the legendary Dynamic Duo theme

Be sure to get your outfits together and be ready to have a blast.

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