The Rise of Pinterest

The Rise of Pinterest
By: Abby Rollinger
Ever get stumped on what kind homemade gift to give to your mom this year, or whatyou could do to that one t-shirt to make it actually wearable? How about just simply wanting toscroll through an endless supply of cute clothes, boys, animals, and so on? If you answered yesto any of the following, then Pinterest might just be the place for you.
Pinterest is just one in the growing throngs of social media websites out today. Althoughalmost everyone has at least heard of Pinterest, there are some who still may not know exactlywhat it is and makes it stand out amongst its competitors.
Here’s the basic overview: On Pinterest, you are able to “pin” images that you upload,use from another websites, or re-pin from other people’s accounts that you choose to follow. Youpin these images to “boards” that you create according that what category they fall under. Forexample, I might pin a picture of some high-waisted shorts under a board that I made titled“Clothing”. The name of your boards and the images you decide to pin are entirely up to whatyou are interested in- thus the name Pinterest!
Aside from its easy-to-use formatting, Pinterest has been on the rise for a number of otherreasons. These include the Homepage, where you can scroll through the pins of the accounts youfollow, and the ability to “like” pins as well. However, the biggest feature that intrigues people isthe large variety of the website’s content. Not only can you pin images of shows, celebrities, orclothing you are into, but many of its items are quite useful. There are pins that provide step-by-step instructions on how to make cute homemade gifts, as well as inspirational event ideas andhome renovation how-to’s. Basically, it’s the DYI network of the internet!
Pinterest’s combination of entertaining, social, and resourceful qualities is what reallysets it apart from other social media websites. So, whether you are want to look through clothesthat you’d love to stock your closet with, or need some creative ideas for your friend’s birthdaydessert, and everything in between, Pinterest has got you covered.

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