Kelly Gallagher’s Opinion on Change

Kelly Gallagher’s Opinion on Change

By Kelly Gallagher

kelly gallagher

One word recently has been a big topic among Seton High School’s staff and students, CHANGE. Change can be looked upon as a good or bad thing for many people. I, personally enjoy change even if it’s hard getting adjusted too. So as a quick refresher you’re asking yourself…what all has changed anyways at Seton?  There are a couple things, a main one being the schedule. There are common complaints made about the new schedule. How are we going to sit in class for so long?! When in reality, the 3 and 4 period classes seem to be a good mix to the typical 7 day periods. However, last week I think we all can remember the complete chaos Seton’s staff was in when the schedule said we should have been in lunch and class at the same time. Another change is those bright green desks. Almost blinding to look at when you step into a classroom, but they are quite spacious. Molly Kraisinger, a senior quotes about the desks, “The new desks have made us blossom as individuals and as a classroom, both visually and mentally. Seton once again goes green with our clover desks!”

Another change includes the new cell phone rule. That’s right; Seton has finally ‘legalized” cell phone use in the cafeteria. Since we all know those certain rebellious students while using their cell phones under the cafeteria tables…which was not approved of but I feel it is a good rule now that we can whip out our savy smart phones without being paranoid of a staff member handing us those dandy conduct point slips. Overall, I think this change at Seton High has been a benefiting factor to all of the students and I look forward to the more changes that will come.

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