Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive at Seton

Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive at Seton

By Kaylie Brown

grass shorts kaylie

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Fall has officially arrived, but it still feels like summer! Don’t pull out your jeans just yet because September is definitely going to be a hot one. With that being said, why not support fellow Seton saints, entrepreneurial spirit and buy some high waisted shorts?

Seton juniors Abbigail Sandmann and Gabriel Hirlinger have their own high waisted shorts business that is open for everyone. They started making shorts when they were exploring Tumblr and were immediately inspired by Kylie Jenner’s high waisted shorts. Ever since then they have been transforming old pairs of jeans and shorts. Sandmann and Hirlinger have shorts that vary in shape, color, and size. All are unique and one of a kind creations. They can also customize the design of the shorts to fit their customer’s specifications.

Hirlinger and Sandmann can cut, stud, shred, fabric panel, and do so much more. On top of it all, the prices are great. Prices range from twenty-five to thirty dollars for a pair of pre-made shorts. To get a pair of shorts customized the prices range from five to ten dollars more.

For more information on Gabriel´s and Abbigail´s short creations you can email them at: Gabriel.Hirlinger@setoncincinnati.org, Abbigail.Sandmann@setoncincinnati.org.

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