A Dollar For Seton is Just a Click Away

A Dollar for Seton is Just a Click Away

By Kaylie Brown

give with target

Seton is entered in another contest and is in need of votes. The contest is called Give With Target, and you can vote once a week on Twitter, or on Facebook by clicking on the following link: https://apps.facebook.com/givewithtarget/?fb_source=search&ref=br_tf. Vote for Seton by entering SETON and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Anyone can vote for Seton and every vote means more money. For every vote Seton receives, the school earns one dollar.  If everyone in the school voted today, that would be an extra six hundred dollars. If everyone’s parents and grandparents voted today as well, Seton would earn an additional twenty four hundred dollars this week. Seton could earn six thousand dollars if everyone at Seton and at least four of their relatives voted this week and next.

This contest gives away a maximum of five million dollars each year to a variety schools. As of right now, nearly three million dollars has already been given away, so once five million has been given away the contest will end. Currently, Seton has earned a little over four hundred dollars, but if everyone keeps voting, the school can earn more money to buy things needed from Target.

Last year, Seton only earned two hundred dollars in this contest which went towards the neon green bean bag chairs in the library. This year, Seton has earned more money, but only stands in fifth place in the city. Voting can benefit us all in the long run. Six thousand dollars is only a few clicks away.

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