Garage Get Down

Garage Get Down

By Taylor Morano

taylor ggd dance

Did you know Seton is the only high school in Ohio with a parking garage? That is right, and all but 62 students enjoyed the annual Garage Get Down dance this past Saturday September 7.  The Garage Get Down is meant to be a fun and silly dance that takes place in Seton’s parking garage. Each grade is assigned a theme and it is their job to find costumes that suit the theme well. This year, freshman showed off their jungle theme with their various types of animal print. Sophomores had the theme America, showing off their red, white, and blue. Juniors had the theme thrift shop. And last, but not least, the senior theme was dynamic duo. Seniors this year came up with some very creative costumes. Seniors Ashley O’Brien and Morgan Masminster really impressed students and teachers with their costumes, dressed as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro.  Other dynamic duos included minions from the movie Despicable Me, Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical, members from the cast of Scooby Doo, and Minnie and Mickey Mouse.   There were many creative costumes, a great DJ, and plenty of dancing.  Senior, Megan Kelly says, “Garage get down is something I’ve looked forward to every year I’ve been at Seton. There are no expectations of looking pretty or having a perfect dinner before; it’s always just pure fun. Definitely something I will miss next year.”

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