Local Restaurants Worth the Hype

Local Restaurants Worth the Hype

By Katie Lehan

Restaurants Article

Dying to go out to dinner, but all the usual places seem boring and worn out?  Going to the same Restaurant week after week can become repetitive and the restaurant can lose its appeal.  That’s why this week The Seton Connection was on the search for new and local places that are worth trying.  Senior Colleen O’Connor’s go to place is a small and underrated Mexican restaurant on Delhi Pike that was recently renamed El Tucan Mexican Cuisine.  The restaurant offers regular Mexican food such as burritos, nachos, tacos and quesadillas, but claims that their entrees have a unique flavor compared to other restaurants.  O’Connor was quick to agree saying, “Don’t let the appearance or rumors fool you.  The food, especially the unlimited salsa and chips, is actually really good and it’s a go to place for my family.”

Another highly recommended restaurant was the Chinese Grand Buffet off of Glenway Avenue.  They serve an all you can eat buffet for under ten dollars per person.  Senior Lizzie Bruewer, says, “Anyone who loves Chinese food should highly consider coming here if you haven’t been already.  The food is beyond amazing and you can’t complain about having to pay a small price of eight or nine dollars for an unlimited amount of food.”  The buffet not only contains Chinese food, but there are sides such as fruits, veggies, jellos and applesauce and a large selection of desserts.  According to Bruewer, this restaurant really hits the spot if you are in an Asian food kind of mood.

Among one of the more popular shared restaurants was Sebastian’s, a Greek diner-like restaurant with a very “small town” feel to it.  It sells only Greek food, like salads, Spanakopita and Baklava.  Senior Olivia Klumb eagerly expressed her love of the food, saying, “The gyro meat is one of the best things they offer there and although some of the items can be a little bit pricey, I promise it’s worth every penny”.  None of the items prove to be more than fifteen dollars, which many consider a steal for the outstanding quality of the food.

Senior Megan Kelly recommends Sam’s Chili, a small restaurant directly across the street Seton High School.   The most expensive menu item, a large pizza, is twenty dollars. The food sold at this restaurant ranges from chili to chicken fingers, promising something for every kind of food lover.  Kelly says, “When my friends first asked me to come with them (to Sam’s Chili) I was hesitant because it isn’t the most appealing looking place.  But actually, the food, especially the wings, was surprisingly some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life!”

Trying a new restaurant can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Sam’s Chili, The Grand Buffet, Sebastian’s and El Tucan are just a few of the local and affordable places that serve mouthwatering meals.  They are guaranteed to be worth the trip, proving once again that you can’t ignore the little places and you definitely can’t judge a book by its cover.

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