Practice ACT Aims to Improve Scores

Practice ACT Aims to Improve Scores

By Olivia Wall

wall - act

According to the ACT, 57% of students who took the ACT more than once, increased their composite score on the retest. That is why the Seton Guidance Department, along with Torchprep (an ACT test prep company) put together a FREE practice ACT for Junior and Senior students on Monday September 9. According to Seton counselor, Kelly Fitz, the opportunity to take a full-length ACT for free is rare and Seton was very lucky to be able to offer this to students. When asked what the guidance department hoped to accomplish by offering a free practice test, Fitz said, “It was just another opportunity for students to practice in an actual test setting and perform well in order to do well on the real ACT.”

Seton juniors Shannon Kaine and Gab Kraemer both agreed that the practice test went well, however the heat made it extremely uncomfortable. Despite the high temperatures in the classrooms making the test taking uncomfortable, Kaine is confident she will be the proud holder of a composite score of twenty-eight. Senior Alyssa Lyons, who has previously taken the ACT said, “It was a different set up from a normal testing, but it went smoothly.” She also added, “By the time everyone in my room got to the science section, everyone was just filling in random bubbles because it was too hot to concentrate.” Students will receive their scores in an afternoon assembly on Monday September 16. Kaine, Kraemer and Lyons all felt better prepared after taking the practice test and are confident their scores will improve on the actual test.

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