Saints take over Mercy Health Plex

Saints take over Mercy Health Plex

By Alyssa Lyons






As of this year, Seton Students can now enjoy a full workout experience during fitness class taught by Mrs. Ritter. Students in Ritter’s seventh bell class are now able to participate in activities outside of Seton with the new flexible schedule. On four period days students drive to Mercy Health Plex to take part in activities such as Zumba, boxing, spinning, yoga and water exercises. Senior Christina Foster says, “Fitness class is very challenging, but it pushes me to try new things.” In past weeks, the girls have participated in spinning and boxing class.

The classes at the Health Plex offer aggressive and instructional workouts with real trainers, including Seton teacher Ms. Jessica Leonard.  As well as being a physical trainer at Mercy, Leonard is also a part of the health, PE and wellness department at Seton. Ritter and Leonard contacted the Health Plex before the start of the school year to set up the meeting times on the four period days.

Fitness class at the Plex is a way to learn other workouts in addition to the workouts that are taught in the weight room. Foster says, “All the effort you put into your workouts will be worth it when you start to see results.” The next semester’s fitness class will also travel to Mercy to attend these workout sessions.

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