The Seton Helping Saints Annual Student Philanthropy Walk

The Seton Helping Saints Annual Student Philanthropy Walk

By Sydney Schultz

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Seton High School’s Seton Helping Saints club has been hard at work planning Seton’s annual 6.5 mile Student Philanthropy walk. The walk is a fundraiser to help raise money for Seton and the students who attend Seton.

The Seton Helping Saints club is a philanthropy club that serves the needs of Seton students, their families, the Sisters of Charity, and friends and agencies which support the Mission of Seton High School.

Two thirds of the money raised for the walk will go directly to Seton High School. A big part of that support is to offset the cost of tuition. It costs $13,500 to educate one student. However, each student is charged only $9,700 for tuition. That means that almost $4,000 of the tuition is paid for by Seton High School.

The rest of the proceeds of the walk go directly to Seton Helping Saints philanthropy which supports the individual needs of Seton students, their families, and the service agencies that they support.

Club member and senior Morgan Masminster said, “I think the walk is a great way to help out the club and to get money to help the students and staff members at Seton. As Seton Students, we should be doing everything we can to help those in need.”

The club focuses on raising money to help their peers. One sixth of the students who attend Seton, which is 84 people, live below the poverty level. The club is happy to help anyone who needs help financially. Examples of how the club has supported people financially are by helping to buy groceries, paying for prom tickets, supporting mission trips, paying for year books, paying rent, buying clothes, helping with bills such as gas, electric, and water, and helping to fund other clubs at Seton.

The goal of the school is to raise $60,000. This year, there is no individual quota, only a starting contribution of $25. New this year is a Seton window cling for everyone who donates $25.00 or more.

The club is encouraging everyone to “fundraise and beat the levels.” Level One is raising $50. After raising $50, a student will receive a walk t-shirt. For a complete list of the incentives, please email Ms. Agricola at  or Mrs. Hollenbach at

Also this year, the club is allowing students to come up with teams for the walk. Teams are groups of up to 25 people who combine the proceeds of their fundraising and compete against each other in an effort to see which team can raise the most money for the school and Seton Helping Saints. Larger groups can form two teams and compete against each other! Anyone can be a team – friends, a sports team, a club, a class, etc. Teams need to officially register as a team as soon as possible.

If the school can reach a goal of $60,000 by Wednesday, September 18, the entire school will receive an all school free day. There will also be an end of the day student assembly celebration sponsored by Student Council.

As of Wednesday, September 11, Seton High School has raised a total of $24,591.

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