Twitter Talk

Twitter Talk

By Abby Rollinger

abby Twit Pic Art (2)

We all spend hours on Twitter daily, so how about following a student-run account for the latest and greatest updates on Seton while you’re at it? Since the Seton Connection made its giant leap from paper to being online last year, the publications staff has made other technological advancements as well. This includes creating a Twitter account. In order to keep the social media aspects of the paper organized and current, we have added a new editing position to the staff entitled, “Social Media Specialist”.  This year, that spot was given to me, senior, Abby Rollinger, and I am here to try and earn your follow.

@WhaddupSeton is the publication team’s Twitter name. On the account, I make sure to tweet about the schedule for the day, club meetings, sporting events and scores, articles from the paper, the lunch menu- anything Seton. I try to include everyone and everything in our tweets to make them not only as up-to-the-minute as possible, but also useful to the student body at large. Worried about our account following you back? Don’t be- I can promise here and now that I do not follow any one person back. Currently, we have fewer than 200 followers, which is less than half the school. Come on, Saints, help us change that by following @WhaddupSeton today for immediate information on all things #Seton!

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