What’s Poppin’ in the Music Department?

What’s Poppin’ in the Music Department?

Marcy Driehaus


Under the direction of Maribeth Samoya, Seton’s choral department has always been top notch. With dozens of performances scattered throughout the year, the members of Seton’s concert choir, vocal ensemble, and show choir are always hard at work to be the best entertainers they can be. As in the past, Seton’s choral groups will incorporate contemporary and customary musical theatre into their performances this year, along with interweaving some modern pop pieces. For example, Seton’s vocal ensemble will be tackling the hit song “Cups” from the movie Pitch Perfect, as well as resurfacing the well-known Adele mash up. Also, Seton and Elder’s show choir will be taking on One Direction’s hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” and making it their own. In addition to these exciting selections, Seton’s concert choir will also hone in on more traditional musical theatre pieces such as a Beauty and the Beast Medley and a Wicked medley later on in the year.

By incorporating mainstream pop into the musical curriculum, Seton is effectively appealing to a more diverse and younger audience. Hopefully this will stir within fellow students a new perspective on the ever-changing and innovative approach that the choral department is testing out. Senior Christine Oswald, who is a member of Seton’s concert choir, vocal ensemble, and show choir, says, “We get to sing the songs we know while working on our harmonies and challenging ourselves.” Let’s be real, the musical department could make Rebecca Black’s “Friday” sound great, so stylistically the genre isn’t the determining factor in the girls’ success: their passion is.

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