Dewey’s Pizza

Dewey’s Pizza

By Molly Brauch

1173706_729168823775649_683701204_n molly  brauch

When I told my friends last week that I hadn’t ever been to Newport, they were shocked. It wasn’t because I was missing out on the best shopping experience EVER – it was because I hadn’t ever been to Dewey’s Pizza. We decided to make it a date, and on Saturday, before the Garage Get Down, I was dragged (albeit not unwillingly) to Newport to try this, as senior Maria Carroll puts it, “simply delicious” pizza.

Our group of six burst through the doors at Dewey’s and all but demanded outdoor seating. We wanted a show, we wanted the works: it was my first time, after all. Seniors Maria Carroll, Victoria Hancock, Aubrie Anneken, our dates, and I were whisked away to the classy outdoor patio seating. My friends were laughing at my nervousness, but I was anxious for a reason. Never in my life had I seen such a menu. One whole page devoted to specialty pizzas, one devoted to creating a new one; the other pages covered drinks and salads. I  had the choice to eat any kind of pizza I wanted, and I was delighted. After a heated debate over the topping choices, Maria and I ended up splitting a green olive, mushroom, and spinach pizza, and it was DELICIOUS.

While I won’t say that Dewey’s is the best pizza I have ever had, it’s definitely the best in the Cincinnati area. With so many menu options, there’s no way that you can ever be disappointed. The only regret of the night? Dewey’s taco pizza was out of season.

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