One of Many Changes

One of Many Changes

By Taylor Morano




Anna Downey, former English teacher and Senior Project Coordinator, is the new vice principle of Seton High School. Downey states, “I am so excited about my new role. I hope to continue to help Seton as the school transforms to meet the needs of today’s learner.”

According to Downey, going from a teacher to an administrator is a huge step and a role that is full of new responsibilities and changes. One of the biggest changes that she has gone through is she no longer has the opportunity to interact with as many students as she did while being a teacher. Downey says that she does miss being in the classroom and teaching students, however she is able to interact with Seton’s outstanding faculty and staff more than ever. Downey is still able to look at the curriculum, but now she is not just limited to the English curriculum.

Downey is looking forward to learning more about her role as an administrator. This will give her a different view of education. Downey has always had a passion for learning and education, which made her want to pursue this new position at Seton. She states, “I am a learner and will always be a learner.”

This is Downey’s 20th year at Seton High School. After spending 19 years in the classroom, she is excited to continue working with her Seton family as an administrator.

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