Re-Do or Rejection?

 Re-Do or Rejection?

By Olivia Wall





Seton’s senior class has finally entered into the infamous Senior Project madness. The process began with the Letter of Intent Proposals on September 10, 11, and 18. For the proposals, Senior present their Senior project ideas to a panel of three judges. Their letter of intent must include what the project is, their research component, a learning stretch as well as other components. While many students were lucky enough to get all three readers to sign off on their proposal, great deals of other girls were left having to reconsider their ideas or make changes to their letter.

Rice Klauke said, “My letter of intent was rejected, but not because I didn’t have all of the required components. I just had to talk to certain people to make sure my project itself was actually possible before it was approved”. 

Mikayla Hartoin said, “I am writing a cookbook for my senior project and Mrs. Corey wouldn’t sign my letter because I had to add my research question and what audience my project is directed to. As soon as I made that clear, my letter was signed.”  

Cayla Schmitt said, “I am learning how to play piano for my project and I had Mrs. Hollenbach as my head judge and she rejected my letter because I didn’t mention a learning stretch, but as soon as I added it, she signed it.”

The girls all were willing to make the minor tweaks to their projects and like Mr. Collins says, “Your project can always develop.” It is unfair to consider these rejections. For the most part, the students only had to make minor adjustments to their letters in order to get them signed. Basically the rejection almost became a re-do. These “re-dos” were not made because teachers were being strict and hateful on what girls were doing their projects on, but more because they had to develop their ideas a little more before they were ready to be approved.

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