Hottest Fall Makeup

Fall Makeup

By Kaylie Brown and Katie Lehan



Fall is right around the corner, and there’s nothing that girls love more this time of year than makeup.  Whether it’s adding a little bit of a pop to an everyday look, or going more dramatic for nighttime, there are some general rules that apply when choosing products and colors.  As much as some would hate to admit, everyone’s skin becomes paler as the temperature drops, and if the summer makeup isn’t swapped out for winter makeup, some girls will be rocking the clown look. Most girls associate the colder seasons with warmer tones, and although that may be true, the “rules” go into much more depth.  Nina Kersey, a retail account manager for Benefit Cosmetics, manager for Sephora and Macy’s, offered some helpful tips on the dos and don’ts of wearing makeup during the fall season.

Foundation is one of the biggest products most girls need to change in the fall and winter. This is the case because mostly everyone loses their color once they aren’t in the sun, unless you have skin that doesn’t gain much color in the summer.  On that note, it’s going to look really unnatural wearing a darker foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone. Not sure what your perfect foundation color is? Sephora now offers something called Color-IQ, where anyone can walk into the store and a computerized system is placed on your skin and within seconds can give you the correct foundation color.

Concealer, blush, lip color, and eye shadow must also change as soon as fall and winter hit. Since the cold weather makes everyone’s skin dry out, it’s best to have a hydrating liquid concealer instead of powder. A new liquid concealer to try out for cold weather is called Fakeup from Benefit, and it has three shades depending on skin tone.

Blush is just as important to change as foundation. This is definitely something that needs to be changed or the clown look comes in to play. Any bright and vibrant blushes need to be put away and in their place should be the warmer colored blushes. Benefit has a wide variety a blushes, ones specific to and flattering for different skin tones. For fair skin, a blush called Sugar Bomb is a great choice. For more medium or tan skin tones, a blush called Bella Bomba is best.  However, in some cases there are even blushes that look great on everyone, like Dallas, which is more of a light dusty rose color.

Lip colors that are hot for fall are warm colors, such as browns and mauves.  The red lip is a classic and therefore appropriate, but definitely nothing pink. A color from Benefit that would look good on anyone is a lip gloss called Sugar Bomb. When it comes to eye shadow, no obvious and bold summer colors, but other than that it just depends on the shape and color of one’s eyes. The best advice for finding the perfect eye shadow color is just going into any makeup store and asking one of kiosk workers what would look best.

Overall, warm tones are a definite when choosing colors to wear in the fall and winter seasons. “Be careful that you are choosing the right colors for you and not wearing your friend’s makeup, who most likely has different features” says Kersey.

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