Mayoral Musings

Mayoral Musings

By Marcy Driehaus


If someone were to demand of you right now to tell them everything you know about the current state of our local mayoral election, what would you be able to tell them? Well have no fear because this article is intended to indulge all of your political ponderings. According to the primary held last Tuesday, two candidates, Jim Berns (libertarian) and Sandra Queen Noble (independent), were knocked out of the running for Cincinnati’s next mayor. An interesting aspect of this election is that it essentially comes down to the two democratic candidates: John Cranley (former city councilman) and Roxanne Qualls (current vice mayor). No republicans were willing to run for mayor this time around which arguably intensifies the election in general and causes turmoil between the Democratic Party. Though both Cranley and Qualls represent the Democratic Party, that doesn’t mean they have identical stances on all the issues. For example, despite the fact that they both are in favour of same sex marriage and both are mutually opposed to the pension proposal, the two disagree when it comes to whether they support Cincinnati’s streetcar or not. In addition to that disagreement, the two candidates also have differing opinions on the parking lease.

All of this aside, it can be agreed across the board that Cincinnati needs a mayor who is passionate about keeping our city moving forward and one who will make a conscious effort to do so. Now, especially for young people, is a crucial time to be involved with local government and show support for your candidate of choice to keep our city functioning smoothly and beneficially to all of its citizens. Don’t overlook local elections: just because they’re on a smaller scale that doesn’t mean their impact won’t be just as powerful as the national elections. With that in mind, be sure to stay in tuned with the mayoral elections and with the political happenings occurring here in Cincinnati. Maybe even challenge yourself with this: come November, who do you predict will be voted to replace Mark Mallory as Cincinnati’s mayor? Where does your support lie? Who will come out on top? The answer lies in the fate of the voters of Cincinnati- so if you’re of age then don’t forget to hit the polls once November 5th rolls around.

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