StrongHer Club

By Ally Kampel


The StrongHer club begins the year with a great mission statement, “As a part of Seton High School, StrongHer will strive to strengthen self-esteem and confidence in girls of all ages. This club will promote individuality, inner beauty and acts of kindness by sharing messages of acceptance, motivation and strength.  Our goal is to be optimistic role models for our peers and younger girls while continuing to enhance the welcoming tradition of the Seton sisterhood.”  This empowering mission statement of the StrongHer club strives to boost confidence and self-esteem of young girls in the community. StrongHer has fun and activity filled meetings every Monday at 2:45 in the new study hall room, room 114.  The club was founded three years ago by Olivia Dulle and Allie Glatt.  Carrying on Glatt and Dulle’s tradition is this year’s executive board, Senior, Katelyn Walter is the president, junior, Caroline Klopp is the vice president, junior, Hannah Fricke is serving as treasurer, and the club´s secretary is junior, Sydney Haussler.  When asked why students should join this club, Watlers enthusiastically responded, “We like to have fun at every meeting and also discuss relatable and sometimes serious topics that students can gain from. We exude positivity and true beauty!”   The club has many goals for the upcoming year.  They plan to expand their grade school committee, which goes to local grade schools and discusses current issues or struggles the girls face.  The club’s main goal is to spread positivity and to find the inner beauty of each girl in the club.

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