A City of Immigrants Comes to Seton

A City of Immigrants Comes to Seton

By Katie Lehan

katie lehan

On Wednesday, September 18 the students and staff of Seton High School gathered in Seton’s auditorium to see a play on the history of immigrants in Cincinnati, called Cincinnati: A City of Immigrants.  A group of actors from The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati took on the parts of immigrants from different cultures, such as German, Irish, African American, Jewish, and Hispanic backgrounds.  The point of the play was to further or improve Seton’s students and staff’s knowledge about the history of Cincinnati and what was happening when the immigrants came over from different countries or from the southern states of America.  The hardships that they faced were clearly shown as well, where the characters came across many obstacles in their hope of what would be a better life.  Through the play, equal excitement and fear was evident in the characters, as well as acceptance along with an unfair amount of racism.  Each account was unique, but the storyline was clever enough to intertwine the personal accounts to lead back to a theme of wholeness and unity.

When the students and staff walked into the auditorium Wednesday morning, most had little to no knowledge about what they were about to see.  After watching the play, freshman Kaley Kurzhals said, “The play was an eye opener for me.  It made me realize that everyone has different backgrounds and we should respect them for it.”  Junior Sara Monahan also commented, “I enjoyed the play and I think it was a very interesting and visual way to learn about the history of Cincinnati.”  Senior Nicole Ruffing had a similar opinion, saying, “I wasn’t very well educated on early immigration before watching it, but I can honestly say that I am now.  It was interesting seeing it in different cultural perspectives and it kept the play more intriguing rather than if they just stood up there and stated facts.”

Indeed the play was both informative and fascinating, giving those at Seton High School who didn’t have much knowledge about the history of their city a great presentation.  The performance of this play was very relevant, due to the present immigration issues the US has been having with Hispanics.  It gave the show even more importance than it already had.  The performance of Cincinnati: A City of Immigrants was an enjoyable way for the students and staff of Seton High School to get a better understanding of the growth of their city and the people who shaped it into what it is today.

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