ACT Blues

ACT Blues

Alyssa Lyons

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On Saturday, September 21 students from all over the United States took the ACT. The ACT stands for American College Testing. This is a four part test-English, Math, Reading, and Science.  If a student chooses, she may also take the writing portion of the ACT. I was able to participate this past Saturday along with many other girls from Seton. When signing up to take the ACT a student can choose his or her location for testing, and I chose to test at LaSalle High School.

Although I had no particular place I wanted to take the ACT, I am glad I chose LaSalle. When I first woke up Saturday, I was nervous about who I would see in my testing room. As soon as I entered LaSalle, the atmosphere was relaxed, I got the number of my classroom and headed upstairs anxious to see if there were any Seton girls in my room. Every bone in my body relaxed when I saw a friendly face in another Seton senior.   Even though I did not know anyone else, I was relieved.

As each test came and went, my anxiety levels heightened.  I did what I normally do when taking a long test; I took a deep breath and focused. The test was over before I knew it. I realized when the test was finished that I was glad I was put into a room with only one other person I knew. This made me focus more on me and really concentrate on the questions. So here´s some advice, if you are going to take the ACT, stay relaxed-and chooses the testing environment that you feel most comfortable in.   The next ACT test is on October 26.

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