Polices and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

By Molly Kraisinger


In Wednesday’s assembly Mrs. Agricola discussed the rules in the student handbook.  Agricola told us all the ways we are expected to illustrate respect for Seton. Some of the main rules she touched on were uniform policies.  Things to remember are your nametag, polo, skirt, and a spirit shop sweatshirt only.  Don’t forget, if you don’t have the required uniform at school you can always go down to Mrs. Agricola’s office to borrow clothes for the day to avoid conduct points. As always we are expected to use our computers responsibly in school and out.  Things you post out on social media are forever. So be careful what you put out there for your own safety and represent Seton well. All of the requirements are your responsibility.  Along with these rules, Seton has also lifted some restrictions.  We are now allowed to have our phones at lunch and you may wear black, gray, and green shirts underneath your polo. So respect yourself, students, teachers and the school. There is a conduct point scale to enforce these rules.  No one wants to spend their Saturday morning at school for three hours, or worse (be expelled), so follow the rules in the handbook Seton Saints. Don’t forget to have your handbook form signed an d turned in to Mrs. Agricola’s sharepoint by Monday.

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