Seton Helping Saints Walk

Seton Helping Saints Walk

By Abby Rollinger

Seton Walk 084

What is six-and-a-half miles long, has thirteen checkpoints, and raised over $40,000? This year’s Seton Helping Saints Philanthropy Walk!

The day kicked off on Friday, September 20, with five presentations by non-profit organizations that have received donations from the Seton Helping Saints club. The groups gave brief descriptions of their foundation’s mission and where the money they get goes to, along with any service opportunities offered to Seton’s students. The charities present included Josh Cares, The Dragonfly Foundation, Clovernook, Girls on the Run, and Lighthouse Youth Services.

Next on the agenda was the pep rally right before the students walked the streets of Price Hill and Delhi. The whole school came to the new gym to cheer and get instructions and details from Q102’s Jon-Jon. After the students were pumped up and informed about the route, they were sent off to start.

The walk was a total of six-and-a-half miles, stretching across Pedretti to Delhi Pike, all the way to Rapid Run, and then finishing up on Glenway. The checkpoint workers passed out colorful “silly bands” to the walkers to mark their progress, as well as water, popsicles, and their support. Three of the limo ride winners, Olivia Wall, Katelyn Walter, and Mr. Villing, threw candy out of the window as they passed their fellow Saints and squirted them with water guns to cool them off throughout the entire course.

Most consider this walk to be a great experience that they look forward to every year. Freshman Abby Niederhausen said, “I really enjoyed the walk overall. I even ran some of it! I hope the next three years are just as good, if not better.”

Although it may not always be the easiest thing to do, the Seton Helping Saints Walk brings everyone in the Seton community together for a great cause, good exercise, and an awesome time.

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