Seton Holds College Visits

Seton Holds College Visits

By Alissa Allison

College visits logos (1)

Seton is offering many chances for students to meet with college admission representatives during school hours. Many colleges from around the country are coming to Seton to provide useful information to make deciding which college to attend a little bit easier. These college visits are small meetings held in the guidance conference room, auditorium, or occasionally in a classroom where the college representative talks about their school and how to apply, the campus, the curriculum, and answers any questions students have.

After the meeting is held the representative is willing to talk to a student one on one with any specific questions they may be interested about. This is a great opportunity to get needed information without traveling far or missing an entire day of school.

Check out the Naviance site ( that lists all the colleges coming to Seton or talk to your counselor. Marquette, University of Notre Dame, West Virginia and Walsh College will be here on September 30, and Xavier on October 1 are a few upcoming colleges that will be visiting this fall.

To meet with a college representative, sign up twenty four hours ahead of time to attend the visit and also check with your teacher.

These opportunities are especially helpful for juniors and seniors. Make sure to take the time to check these out and maybe a college you’ve been looking at is coming or a college you would like to learn more about. It can’t hurt. Even though some colleges have already visited, there are plenty more to still sign up and hear about.

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