What’s Up with the Internet?

What’s up with the Internet?

By Taylor Morano


Have you ever been in the middle of class and your internet shuts down and stops working? The constant internet problems this year are something that is affecting everyone here at Seton High School. Internet problems seem to occur more and more often each day, causing both students and teachers to get frustrated since the internet is something that we rely on. Without the internet, it can sometimes make teaching harder because students can no longer get on online text books or use SharePoint which are both huge sources of learning and teaching here at Seton.  “Although it is frustrating, it is important that we always have a plan B,” says Mary Beth Corey, Spanish teacher.  “Much of what my students do is online, but when the internet goes down I have a class set of textbooks that we can use.”

According to Keith Schaeper, educational technology director, there are two reasons as to why the internet shuts down randomly in class. One reason is because all students and staff are bringing their phones to school and connecting them to Seton’s network. This causes Seton to run out of addresses, which is location of data or memory. Every morning Schaeper has to delete all the addresses that have been used just so we are able to use the Internet. In order to fix this, Schaeper is in the process of getting more addresses.

The second reason why the internet shuts down so frequently is because of the wireless controller.  A wireless controller is something that is located in every classroom. It controls all access points in the classroom and it currently has a hardware problem.  When the wireless controller shuts off, it takes 3 minutes and 27 seconds just for it to restart which causes the internet to go down. There are currently parts coming in to fix the wireless controller which will hopefully solve all the problems of the Internet.

The Internet is something that Seton tends to take for granted, but the second it stops working we realize how useful and how much we really rely on it.

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