The Big Surprise

The Big Surprise

By Olivia Wall

Katy Perry

On the morning of September 20, the gym at Seton High School erupted in cheers as the executive board declared the school has entered yet another contest, this time in hopes to bring the pop music queen Katy Perry to the Seton stage.  The contest is through Good Morning America and the rules are very few and very straightforward. Good Morning America states on their website Send us a two minute video of you and others at your school performing your own rendition of “Roar” for a chance to win “Good Morning America’s “Roar With Katy Perry” contest. The qualified school of one lucky student representative entrant will win a live concert by the chart-topping artist to be held at the school on or about October 25, 2013. The concert will also be broadcast on “Good Morning America.” 

Seton has a planned method of attack with their video. With forces like Mrs. Schutte and Mr. Wurzelbacher behind the camera, there is without a doubt an outstanding video to be produced.

Seton students expressed their excitement.

Senior Courtney Reed said, “Literally so excited. Katy Perry is my obsession! She isn’t just a singer, she’s a role model. She has helped empower so many girls and has become an inspiration to all. Basically she’s perfect and I better be seeing her at our school.”

Freshmen Taylor Poland, Kelsey Cappel, Payton Stinson, and Maddie Brigger all share the same excitement for Katy Perry’s possible arrival. Freshman Payton Stinson said, “I’m pumped that Katy Perry could be coming! I love her.” A group of judges will handpick a winner based on creativity, on-air appeal, “wow” factor, originality. The winner will be notified around October 10, has two days to accept, and the concert will be held on October 25. Hopefully Seton High School will be receiving a visit from Katy Perry in the very near future

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