“Don’t Wear Me”

“Don’t Wear Me”

By Abby Rollinger

dont wear me pic (2)



While purchasing a crop top or a leather jacket that is identical to the one Selena Gomez was caught wearing the other night, do you ever stop to think how it’s made or if its development was animal-friendly? Courtney Schira sure has- she’s even based her senior project around making a change in the way high-fashion gets their material.

After being forced to switch her already animal oriented senior project idea due to the busy schedules of those who could make it possible, Schira had to come up with something new. “Fashion was my second choice,” explains Schira, “and it just came to me to do a clothing line that also promotes not killing animals for their skin and fur to create clothing.” Thus, the “Don’t Wear Me” fashion line was born.

Schira has sewn since the age of four after being taught by her grandmother, and has been evolving her craft ever since. She now is able to make all kinds of different items- including her gown for last year’s prom! Needless to say, Schira is very talented. All the clothing she plans to sell for her line will be designed by Schira herself, one impressive piece at a time.

She plans on promoting her line by creating a page on the popular blogging website, Tumblr. There, customers can browse through and purchase available items, as well as see the different animals the line will be supporting. Part of the money from every purchase made from Schira’s clothing line will go to the Cincinnati Zoo or a non-profit organization that benefits the animal of the buyer’s choice.

Not only is the line expected to be beneficial towards an important cause, but extremely cute, too. “It’s going to be a Love Culture meets H&M kind of vibe. There will be something for everyone!” says Schira while describing her clothing line.

The blog will be up within the next month, and Schira has plans to send out an all-school email when it is officially open to the public. “I have an idea in mind for further down the road if my line is successful. I’m really excited about it, and I think others will be, too!” adds Schira.

Be sure to spread the word to anyone who might be interested to make the “Don’t Wear Me” fashion line a massive hit!

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