National Merit Commended Scholarship Program Student

National Merit Commended Scholarship Program Student

By Monica Lepper


National Merit Sign 003 (2)


Senior Molly Brauch found out on Friday September, 27 that she is 1 of 50,000 who scored high enough on the PSAT to be known as a Commended Student of the National Merit Scholarship Program. This is a national honor and puts Brauch is the running for many great scholarships. Although Brauch took the PSAT her freshman, sophomore and junior years, the junior PSAT is the only one that counts. Brauch scored a 209 on the PSAT out of 240

Although this is a great accomplishment, Brauch had some doubts; “I felt kind of disappointed because I wanted to be a semifinalist but I was still proud of myself because of all my hard work, hopefully all the scholarship offers start pouring in my mailbox soon!” The Seton community is proud of Brauch and everything she has accomplished such as scoring the highest in the class of 2014 on her freshman entrance exam and receiving a free tuition to Seton. Molly is unsure of where she will be attending college, but she hopes to pursue a degree in acting.

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