Ask Molly: Getting to School Early

Ask Molly: Getting to School Early

By Molly Brauch


Molly, My carpool gets to school early all the time and I’m so bored! What can I do before school starts to keep myself occupied?

Whether you get to school faithfully at 7:15 every morning, or your carpool just decided to leave a little early one time, you know that getting to school early can be boring. What could you possibly have to do forty five minutes before school starts?

Did you know that every Tuesday in October, the cafeteria serves a $2 pancake breakfast, and part of the proceeds goes toward the Seton Helping Saints Club? After you eat, you can go and get some one-on-one time with a teacher. Email your teachers ahead of time if you need help on a subject, and you may be able to meet with them in the morning instead of after school. If you hang out in the second floor hallway before school, let your friends know. Meeting up with your Seton sisters before class is one way to quench your need for social interaction. Or maybe you didn’t want to read that chapter of A Lesson Before Dying last night. Why not do it in the morning? The early hours before school can serve as a time to prepare for your day, even if that means catching up on some work. When in doubt, sleep. Curl up in your first bell or your homeroom and snooze! If you’re tired, then your body needs rest. Anyone who pays attention in anatomy should know that!

Even if you find yourself bored out of your mind in the mornings before school, remember that it’s always better to get to Seton early than be late for class.

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