Elder vs. St. Xavier Week

Elder vs. St X Week

By: Kelly Gallagher



Cheering can be heard all the way from Seton as Elder students prepare and get excited for their biggest rivalry football game of the year, the Elder Panthers vs. the St. Xavier Bombers. . This has always been one of the biggest games and the Elder students are waiting for the clock to strike two thirty on Friday to get out of school and get ready for the big game.

The game takes place this Friday, October 4 at St. Xavier High School. . Fans from all around will be gathering in the St. Xavier football stadium

Elder’s football record so far is 4-1, with only one loss against John Carroll University. St. Xavier’s record is 3-3, recently losing to their other big rivalry Moeller with a score of 17-20.

Mitch Harter, a senior at Elder, expresses his thoughts toward this exciting week by saying, “I think that a lot of Elder students are getting hyped for the game. I know that we have a poster club meeting and we are making posters to get the students pumped. I think we’re going to do well against St. X because our team has really improved.”

As for the Seton girls, many may be curious as to who the Saints are rooting for. In the past week, Seton girls have been frantically rushing around to find themselves a ticket since they sold out at Elder on Wednesday, October 2nd. Now the question is what color of clothing will the Seton girls be wearing Friday night? The majority of girls at Seton stated they will be wearing their purple. Best of luck is wished to the Panthers and Bombers for a fun and competitive game .

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