National Honor Society Hosts Non-Profit Organizations

National Honor Society Hosts Non-Profit Organizations

By Katie Lehan

NHS Fair

On October 2, a service and club fair was held by the National Honors Society along with the current clubs at Seton high school.  For this fair, multiple non-profit organizations such as Stepping Stones, The Literacy Network and Fernside  were invited to Seton to help raise awareness and to encourage the Seton community to volunteer and get involved with their organizations.  The head of each club at Seton were also invited to set up a booth in hopes of recruiting new members for their club and to stress the importance of student involvement in extracurricular activities.  All of the students and staff were invited to assemble into Seton’s “multi-purpose” room or the new gym to walk around and explore their options, and open their minds to the idea of service work and club participation.

As the students and staff were walking around, the amount of booths set up in both rooms were overwhelming, but in a positive way.  Any questions the students had were answered by the organization representatives or the club members and everyone seemed satisfied with the information that was being presented to them.  Freshman Anna Macenko commented on the fair, saying, “I think the service fair was a good way for us to learn more about clubs and to learn about all the volunteer opportunities we have for non-profit organizations.”  On the other end of the grade spectrum, Allie Wilcher honestly said, “Although I do think that an hour and a half was too long and that it could have been shortened, the fair was very informative and I was genuinely interested.”   

The fair held by Seton’s National Honors Society and club members proved to be a great opportunity for the students. It allowed them to have one-on-one talks with people from organizations around the community and provided them with options for club involvement.  For the freshman, especially, who may not be familiar with the service hour requirement, the fair provided them with the information and opportunities to get involved.  Joining a club or participating in service will help to make their time at Seton as worthwhile as possible.  For the upperclassman, though they experienced the fair last year, it exposed them to more opportunities for service and club participation.  Consequently, the day was overall an educational one and a great success.

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