What is Kairos?

What is Kairos?

By Rachel Richter

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From Tuesday, September 24 to Friday, September 27, 58 seniors traveled to St. Anne’s Convent in Melbourne, Kentucky for a four-day Kairos retreat.  There will be another Kairos retreat for over 50 seniors from January 21-24, 2014.  In order for Seton seniors to graduate, it is mandatory to complete a retreat requirement.  The majority of seniors choose to attend a retreat known as Kairos.

Kairos is an overnight retreat that a group of Seton girls attend for four days.  Kairos is a Greek word, roughly translated to mean “God’s time,” as opposed to the Greek word chromos which is translated to “clock time.”  On the retreat, the students live according to God’s time, and do not know the actual clock time as there are no clocks.

However, the majority of the information about Kairos must remain confidential.  So don’t take it personally when nobody will talk to you about the retreat!  Before I went on Kairos, I often wondered why it was such a big deal to keep Kairos a secret.  Why are seniors not allowed to talk about the retreat?  What makes this retreat different from the ones we had freshman, sophomore, and junior years?

Well, although I can’t give away any specific details, I can tell you that Kairos is worth the suspense!  When it comes time for you to make your Kairos retreat, just know that you have nothing to worry about.  All you have to do is get pumped up to spend some time with your Seton sisters!

Kairos is a wonderful blessing. It gives you a nice break from school, work, and life.  Embrace the moment when it is offered to you.  You don’t want to miss out!



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