Dance Team Performs at Jamfest

Dance Teams Performs at Jamfest

By Katie Lehan



On October 6, the Seton High School dance teams, the Highlighters, traveled to Louisville, Kentucky for their first competition of the year, Jamfest, at the Louisville Convention Center. While warming up, both teams were anxious yet excited to perform in front of the judges and their audience.  However, even with the hours of traveling and a long day of activity, the girls kept a positive attitude and danced their hearts out.

The Varsity Highlighters have done extremely well over the years.  Placing third in Nationals down in Orlando, Florida last year, the varsity dance team has proved to be one of the top teams in the nation and a very hard one to beat.  At Jamfest, they went against one of their biggest rivals, Floyd Central High School from Indiana.  Sam Monahan, a member of the varsity dance team, said, “Usually this first competition of the season is when we are blown out of the water by Floyd High School, who holds 11 titles at the UDA Nationals.  The last time we competed against them, they beat us by 12 points, but this time they only beat us by 13/100 of a point.  So it was really close and we’re extremely excited to be so close to such a powerhouse team!”

The Junior Highlighters are not far behind varsity when placing, but a lot of them admit that they still get jitters before performing.  Kristen Lehan elaborates saying, “I think that performing at Jamfest in Louisville is both exciting and nerve wrecking.  It’s exciting because it’s the first time that we get to perform in front of judges and to see what our performance looks like early in the season.  On the other hand, it’s nerve wrecking because it’s the first real competition of the season and there’s still a lot of room for improvement in our routine.”

The Highlighters did their school proud by placing in all the categories they competed.  Varsity brought home the first place trophy for their jazz routine and earned second place in pom, behind Floyd Central High School. The Juniors brought home first place in pom, and didn’t perform jazz, due to it being an incomplete but progressing routine.  The dance season is considered all year round, so there are many more competitions to come from the Seton Highlighters.  Great job girls!


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