Friends with No Benefits

Friends with No Benefits

By Abby Rollinger


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Everyone has heard about the government shutdown, but how many people actually understand what happened or know what this means for the nation at large? Due to the fact that the target audience of The Seton Connection is predominately teenage girls, we’ve adapted this story into a version that better accommodates to the interests of our viewers, resulting in a rather tragic love story.

The House and the Senate broke-up earlier last week. The drama all started because the House did not like the Senate’s obsession with Obamacare. In fact, the House was not too keen on Obamacare at all. What you have to understand is that these two branches of Congress have extremely conflicting ideals. The core of their differences stems back to the fact that they are from opposing political parties; the House is very republican, whereas the Senate is mostly democratic. In any other case, opposites would attract. Unfortunately for these two love birds, pride has become too big of a factor in their relationship and neither can bring themselves to compromise for the other. Eventually, the House got so fed up with the Senate and their precious Obamacare that they decided to take a stand and passed two spending bill amendments- one that delays Obamacare for a year and one that repeals Obamacare’s medical device tax. As you can probably guess, the Senate was not exactly thrilled by these propositions, and rejected both. The House then asked if they could pass another spending plan that would remove the Obamacare individual mandate, which the Senate shot down without hesitation. What basically ends up happening is the House, acting as that super controlling girlfriend who makes you choose between her or the dog, tells the Senate that either they get rid of Obamacare or it is over- and by “it” I mean the government and by “over” I mean shutdown. So the Senate essentially stomps their foot, shouts, “FINE!” and storms out of Washington, leaving the House to pack up their bags while the Senate stays at their parent’s home for a few days.

Meanwhile, just like the awkward friend caught in the middle, the people of America will face repercussions of Congress’s spilt. While the government is out-of-order, Americans will lose the ability to partake in simple luxuries such as registering for a passport or going to any of the 368 national parks, zoos, and museums that are federally funded. Small businesses, veterans, and home owners or potential buyers will no longer receive loans, and a ridiculous amount of court cases, permits, licenses, federal projects/services, and bills have been delayed as well. Oh, and all government employees (including the Senate and the House) are on furlough, which means that they will continue to receive pay for doing nothing after being dismissed from work until the government is reinstated.

All this seems kind of drastic when you take in account that the cause is over healthcare. Moral of the story: never let money be the center of your relationship. Instead, keep your significant other’s best interests at heart, and always be sure to look at the actual issues rather than financial aspect of the situation; a lesson that Congress obviously was not aware of when they shut down our nation’s government.


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