Glee Starts Off with a Bang

Glee Starts Off with a Bang!

By Rachel Richter



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Season five of Glee started off with a bang with a two-part season premiere.  After the never-ending summer hiatus, gleeks have been on the edge of their seats awaiting the long-anticipated return of the weekly dramedy on Thursday, September 26.  The second episode of this monumental two-part premiere aired on Thursday, October 3.  Not only was the return of Glee spread over a span of two weeks, but the two episodes were tributes to the one and only Beatles!  Expectations were exceeded and the episodes received booming responses.  It is safe to say that Glee is back, and stronger than ever!

The first episode of this two-part premiere was appropriately titled, “Love, Love, Love.”  Young love blossomed, old flames rekindled, and relationships were even taken to the next level.  Perhaps the most exciting and unforgettable event of this episode was the over-the-top proposal and emotional engagement of the show’s most beloved characters.  Rival glee clubs banned together in an act of camaraderie for this proposal, to give off the general theme that “all you need is love.”

The Beatles music interspersed throughout these two episodes made the premiere even more enjoyable.  The show did a nice job of paying tribute to the beloved band in a respectable yet modern way.  The Beatles music is timeless, and thanks to Glee, their songs have now been introduced to yet another generation.

The third episode of season five is set to air on Thursday, October 10 at nine o’clock on Fox.  This episode is titled, “The Quarterback,” as it is the memorial episode to the late Cory Monteith.  Monteith was one of the male leads on Glee since the shows beginning in 2009.  He tragically passed away over the summer at the age of 31.  His loss was extremely unexpected and devastating.  In this third episode, the characters will mourn the loss of their friend, Finn Hudson.  The episode is sure to be tragically beautiful.

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