Seton Billboard

Seton Billboard

By Monica Lepper




Have you ever noticed the billboards around your city or town? Billboards can be either informational, educational or just be a fun way to show what your school or business is up to. For homecoming week, Mrs. Leslie Niehaus (Chasteen), Ms. Ridiman, Mrs. Schutte and Mrs. Dunaway decided to buy a billboard and make it about Seton to appeal to many different people. This billboard from left to right displays Seton’s skirts throughout the year and says, “The perfect fit since 1927.” The design for this billboard was done by Niehaus, Ridiman and Schutte. If you take a look at the picture there is a blue skirt, this skirt resembles the first design of the Seton skirt. This billboard represents a double meaning; the reason these women chose to buy and present this billboard right before homecoming was so alums could be like “oh I wore that skirt.”  Niehaus said “we wanted a message to appeal to both alums and perspective future students and also current students and parents.” The location of this billboard is near the Glenway Kroger across from the Western Hills Plaza if anyone is interested in seeing it.

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