Shadow Season

Shadow Season

By Taylor Morano


shadow picture


At Seton High School it is now shadow season.  You might be wondering what exactly is shadow season? By shadowing a current student at Seton for a day 7th and 8th grade students truly get a chance to experience the Seton sisterhood that everyone talks about.  It is an opportunity for grade school students to see how technology can truly benefit in the classroom, see our school spirit, get to know teachers, experience some of the classes that we offer, and  get a feel for what it would be like to attend Seton.

According to Marianne Ridiman Seton typically has between 175-200 shadows per year. As of right now 180 grade school students are scheduled to shadow. By October 11th  Seton has had about 97 shadows in the building already this year.  In order to shadow reservations are required at least two weeks ahead of time by registering online which is something new this year.

The day begins just like a normal school day at 7:45 a.m. where shadows meet their shadow hostess in the commons. There the shadow receives a bag with some candy, a bottle of water, a button with their name on it so that they are easily recognized by students and teachers, and a #weartheplaid t-shirt. Shadows go through all of the classes that the shadow hostess has and of course lunch. A lunch ticket is provided with up to four dollars for lunch. At the end of the day you will answer a few questions about how your day went like who were five people you met today, what did you like best about your day, and what would you have changed about your day. By the end of the day it is Seton’s goal to make shadows feel that Seton High School is the right place for them to receive a well-rounded education that will prepare them for their future and a place they feel that they could call their second home.


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