Boys in the Building

Boys in the Building

By Molly Brauch



Deep voices. Purple polo shirts. The sound of heavier, more masculine footsteps. Every morning, eight seniors from Elder High School come over to Seton to take Mrs. Childers’s Advanced Placement BC Calculus class. Elder High School does not offer a second year of Calculus to its students, but since these boys have been working hard since their freshman year to excel in mathematics, they were offered this opportunity. For ten years, boys from Elder have been taking BC Calculus at Seton. “It helps to have the Elder students in class,” says Mrs. Childers. “They offer a different perspective.” These eight students join with eight Seton girls during first period to learn everything from indeterminate forms to discontinuous integrands.  Even on three period days, when the girls don’t have BC Calculus, the Elder students are here bright and early and ready to learn. Of course, it’s been a few years since the boys have had a real class with girls. “It’s different,” says Elder senior and BC Calculus student Nick Roth. “I just try to act like myself.”

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