How to: The Cut T-Shirt

How to: The Cut T-Shirt

By Kaylie Brown


Cut t-shirts have been made popular this year and have been spotted on many Seton students. Being a Seton student, it is evident that everyone has many t-shirts, so why not get creative and cut one up? Cutting up a t-shirt is definitely an option when you have a bunch of shirts lying around that might not fit right or just need a makeover. This is a guide on how to create your own cut t-shirts and why they might be preferred over regular t-shirts according to sophomore Jessica Hayhow.

Only a few easy steps need to be taken to create a fabulous cut t-shirt. After finding a t-shirt lay it out on a flat surface. Take a piece of chalk and trace the neckline. “I usually cut about half an inch from the stitching on the collar of the t-shirt, “says Hayhow. To create a V-neck, trace a v in the center of the neck after cutting out the neckline. Now all that is left to do is cut. A lot of girls cut the sleeves and bottom of the t-shirt a little as well if they are too long.

Sophomore Jessica Hayhow loves to cut her t-shirts and has been rocking the cut t-shirts for a while now. “I started making shirts like this early in the summer when the weather was starting to get warm and I wanted some tank tops, “says Hayhow. “Cut t-shirts are also great to wear to practice because they are similar to a cut off but cuter. When asked if cut t-shirts preferred over regular t-shirts these days, Hayhow replied “I like wearing these cut shirts more than regular shirts because they’re more open on the neckline, especially when you cut a shirt that had a choking neckline before. I also like how they can look dressier than just a plain regular t-shirt for events like Elder games or going out with friends when you wear them with nicer shorts or jeans.” Obviously there are many advantages to having a cut t-shirt, so why not grab a shirt and make one of your own?


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