Teachers Thoughts- Saying Bye to Dusty Baker

Teacher’s thoughts- Saying Bye to Dusty Baker

By Kelly Gallagher


A big announcement was made on Friday, October 11 that the Cincinnati Reds fired their team manager, Dusty Baker, who still had a remaining year on his contract. The Reds asked Baker to resign and to fire his hitting coach, Brook Jacoby. However he declined both requests which resulted in Baker’s leave according to USA Today.

Many of the faculty at Seton High School are big Red’s fans and had their share of opinions hearing the shocking news. Director of Student Life, Mary Agricola, was beyond ecstatic that Dusty Baker was fired. Agricola mentioned that she was practically skipping down the halls after hearing about Dusty’s firing.

Along with Agricola, Spanish teacher, Courtney Guilday, expresses her thoughts. She said, “I love Dusty Baker.  He did a lot of good things for the Reds but maybe it’s time for a change so hopefully the next coach will take us to the World Series.” Dusty has been with the Reds for six years so it could be time for a change.

Teacher Jay Villing, another big Red’s fan at Seton, said “I like Dusty, he did a good job. But 2 and 7 in the post season doesn’t get it done, so while I wasn’t happy he was fired, I wasn’t too disappointed because of the season’s outcome.”

It is obvious these faculty members are looking forward to next year’s season with a hope of the Cincinnati Reds going to the World Series.

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